Run Maps - Detailed

More detail is available by clicking on the name of the run. This will take you to the MapMyRun web site. For those that want to load this route into their phone or watch can do so by downloading the GPX file. You can also download all the GPX files here

There are also details on how to upload to GPS watches here.


New 10k 2017 Handicap - (GPX)
5k Handicap - (GPX)
10 Mile Handicap - (GPX)
400m Track - (GPX)


Social Runs


Airds Bush - (GPX)
Ambarvale - (GPX)
Blair Athol - (GPX)
Blands Allies - (GPX)
Bradbury Hills - (GPX)
Camden - (GPX)
Club Exposure Run - (GPX)
Crisparkle - (GPX)
Duathlon - (GPX)
Glen Alpine - (GPX)
Invergowrie - (GPX)
Kentlyn - (GPX)
Kentlyn Bush - (GPX)
Kentlyn Junction - (GPX)
Lindesay St - (GPX)
Menangle - (GPX)
Old 13 - (GPX)
Old Ford Road - (GPX)
Old Ford Road From Bradbury - (GPX)
Over And Under - (GPX)
Park Central - (GPX)
Pipeline - (GPX)
Raby - (GPX)
Redemption Run - (GPX)
Rosemeadow - (GPX)
Ruse - (GPX)
Scenic Hills - (GPX)
Minto - (GPX)
Minto 30 - (GPX)
The Oaks 30KM - (GPX)
Locky's Run - (GPX)
Mt Annan - (GPX)
Smiths Creek - (GPX)
St Greg's - (GPX)
St Helen's Park - (GPX)
The 60 Minute - (GPX)
Soft Serve Run - (GPX)
University - (GPX)
Walk In The Park North - (GPX)
Walk In The Park South - (GPX)
Woodbine - (GPX)
Woodbine Long Run - (GPX)
Woodlands Rd - (GPX)
Old 10KM 2016 Handicap - (GPX)



Campbelltown ParkRun - Raby - (GPX)
Whilst many members of Campbelltown Joggers attend Campbelltown parkrun, it is operated independently.




Map My Runs are needed for the following runs: Soft Serve, Duathlon, Kentlyn Bush, Bradbury to Old Ford Road

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